Solutions Still Elusive for Local Homeless

Meridian, Miss.

An advocate for the homeless in Meridian says she has called every state agency to make sure requirements are met to open a temporary shelter for dozens of homeless residents.

Christie Rainer of The People's Charity Clinic says she contacted officials with the Mississippi Department of Human Services, the fire marshal and environmental services, and has been told it's a city issue, not a matter for the state.

Rainer said she is optimistic the obstacles will soon be worked out and says it can't happen too soon. She says
three new homeless families came in for help Wednesday.

"Some of them are coming forward just because they can't handle it anymore," said Rainer. "You know, they have been living in this situation for a long time. Another issue is that because of they've been living on top of each other, in public housing illegally, and so they are cracking down on that. And as soon as they find out that people are staying on top of people, they're kicking them out, which is the rules."

Rainer says she was able to place fourteen families in motels Tuesday night, but will have to uproot six or eight families and find new places for them Wednesday night, after they were asked to leave.