Some Voting Issues Reported Tuesday

There was a minor electrical issue at the Council of Organizations precinct in Meridian that forced voters to use paper ballots for a short time.

There was a steady stream of voters stopping by the Lauderdale County Circuit Clerk's office Tuesday afternoon to ask where their voting precinct is.

Circuit Clerk Donna Jill Johnson says some voters simply aren't sure. She says others have moved and not changed their address, which they need to do in order for their vote to count.

"So we were able to tell them, it's not legal to go back and vote at your old precinct. And we don't want anybody to get in trouble," said Johnson. "We certainly don't want anybody accused of voter fraud. So, I think it's from an innocent standpoint, people not realizing they need to change their address every time they move."

There were some voting issues in Kemper County as well. For at least part of the day the electronic voting machines didn't work.

People in Porterville arrived to find some problems at the Kemper Springs precinct.

"Well actually the machine was down all over the whole county, but we did get up and running," said Shekelia McClendon of Porterville. "Those that came in this morning, they were able to vote on paper ballots."

That was confirmed by Kemper County Circuit Clerk Tracey Murray who said her office started receiving calls at 6:45 a.m.

Elsewhere in the state, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann's office reported there were some long lines at voting precincts and power outages at some precincts.