Special Christmas Gift

"I think it's really going to help me with my math and all my subjects in school." That is how 11-year-old Kalee Guin explains the Christmas gift she received. It is a gift she has been asking Santa for a very long time. Thanks to the non-profit organization Sight Savers America, Kalee can now read things that used to give her trouble. Kalee received a multi-view electronic video magnifier, or EVM, that should help her in more than just reading.

Leigh Downs from Sight Savers America explains, "It will magnify whatever you're looking at up to 79 times its original size. It will do it close up if you're trying to read and also has a distance camera if you're trying to view from a distance."

Kalee has cerebral palsy and is visually impaired, but her vision problems are not because she has bad eyesight. Instead, her mother tells us it is a problem in the brain that gives Kalee trouble.

Sally Long, Kalee's mother, tells us, "She can see very well and only has problems with distance, but it is more of a problem with brain signals, and this will help magnify all of her words and her math problems and many things she can do with her magnifier, and it will assist her in just lots of daily activities that she can do."

Kalee will use the device at home for now, and once she gets used to it, she may be able to receive one to use at school. Kalee tells us she is excited to finally have her EVM.

"I've been waiting," says Guin. "It's going to help me with my reading and everything else. I'm very excited that I have it now."

Long says she cried when she found out they were approved to get the device, and Kalee jumped around in joy.