Special Training for Minority Supervisors

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Meridian, Miss. A very important training session was held in Meridian Wednesday morning. It was an opportunity for minority supervisors to come together and learn.

The training is mainly to help minority supervisors who are new to politics, but also those who have been in politics for years, by bringing unique perspectives together.

Lauderdale County District 4 Supervisor Joe Norwood says, "As a minority supervisor, as an example myself, I have things going on in my community or my district that other supervisors might not have. For example, if you take Meridian, Meridian has more public housing than any other city in the state. I represent a district that has more public housing than all the county combined."

Although the turnout was low, Norwood says it shows you who takes their job seriously.

He says, "We were expecting more but that's one of the reasons you have supervisors that are elected. And some fail to participate in these strategies and these meetings and to learn new things to take back to their communities."

Leroy Brooks, of Lowndes County, who is traveling the state administering this course, says it's all about the fundamentals, just like anything else you do.

Brooks says, "You can learn a lot from golf, aside from being fun. What I was talking about was if you're going to get involved in the game, you need to learn the fundamentals from the beginning. You can't get halfway in and play all these years and keep trying to change things. It’s the same in politics as any other profession. You have to learn the basics from the beginning."