Standout Citizens Honored with Retirement Banquet

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Meridian, Miss. A Lauderdale County couple was honored for their many years of dedication and service to this community.

Carl and June Harper were honored with a retirement banquet at New Canaan Baptist Church in Meridian. Carl worked for the Meridian Public School District for 30 years and behind the scenes at WTOK-TV for 31 years. June worked for the Meridian Public School District for 25 years. They both tell us Friday night meant the world to them.

"Like I said during the program, it almost seemed like it wasn't about me," Carl says. "Because I had so many people around me who actually, some of them are already retired and some of them are coming that way. So, it almost just felt like it really wasn't about me. It was about all the people that's in this building."

The Harpers say they look forward to a new journey post-retirement.