Staying Safe from Summer Heat

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Meridian, Miss. The dog days of summer are almost upon us. You can feel it in the air, air so thick you could almost swim through it. With temperatures consistently hitting in the 90's and heat index running higher than that, we start to see more health related issues due to sun exposure. Over working yourself, or not staying properly hydrated can lead to life threatening problems.

Parry Winford, a paramedic with Metro Ambulance says "The most heat related illness we see is going to be heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and the most minors ones are going to be heat cramps."

It is easy to have a false sense of security and think you will notice a problem before it gets too serious, but it can sneak up on you quickly. Knowing the signs and symptoms can help you avoid a major medical problem.

Winford says "Most of the symptoms start small with aching in the body; you have less frequency to urinate. People get confused thinking that if they sweat a lot they are still hydrated and they're not. You lose a lot of fluids by sweating. You have altered mental status, it can progress to cardiac problems, and more often than that it can progress to seizures."

In order to avoid heat born illness, you'll want to make sure you stay well hydrated and drink plenty of fluids. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and sodas. Best thing to drink is water. Try to avoid labor during the hottest times of the day and seek out shade whenever possible for a break. If you wait until you're thirsty to drink, then you are already dehydrated