Stop the Violence Plea

In light of Wednesday night's murder in Meridian, residents who live in the complex where it happened are calling for an end to the violence!

"I don't even feel safe sitting on the porch," says one resident who asked that we not reveal her identity.

This was the sentiment of many residents who spoke to Newscenter 11 Thursday at Frank Berry Courts. According to them, the violent acts are becoming more common and senseless, and that's why those who did talk on camera asked that we not show their faces.

"We hear gunshots all the time! We hear them almost every other week, sometimes it don't be a week, it'll just be days apart," says one resident.

"They're breaking into cars. People are breaking into houses, and stealing tv's. It seems like nothing is being done about it," says another resident.

Citing drugs and gang activity as the motive for some of the problem, residents who talked with Newscenter 11 also feel that there's another motivating factor.

"When they passed that law for carrying weapons and stuff, it seems like it's done got worse. It was already bad."

One person who was visiting someone in the complex discovered a bullet in his car tire Thursday morning. For residents, that bullet has become a symbol of the violence that they so desperately want to stop.

"We want better things, you know. We want people getting together doing the right things!"

"They need to put more protection out here for us with the police and everybody, and security because they come at the last minute sometimes it seems."'