Stores Preparing for Tax Free Weekend

Stores across Mississippi are gearing up for one of, if not their biggest, revenue weekends of the year. The annual sales tax holiday on clothing and shoes allows people to save a little extra money, and even see some great prices. JCPenny's in Bonita Lakes Mall will also be unveiling some new additions. "We'll also be revealing our brand new Levi and Arizona shops in both the women and young men department and the junior areas," says Larry Payne, store leader for JCPenny's. "A whole new revamp. It's a shop within our store, and about 600 Penny's stores across the country will also be revealing the new Arizona shops and Levi this weekend."

Besides saving your tax money, Penny's will also have a special for those who choose to open up a new charge account. Payne describes the special with the charge card. "People take advantage of utilizing their JCPenny card. A lot of people hopefully will come in and open up a new account, and if they do that, and qualify, they will receive an extra 20% off first time uses when they open up a new charge account."

Shopping with the large crowds anticipated this weekend can be stressful, but we found one location that promises a pleasant shopping experience.

Robbie Hales, co-owner of The Liberty Shop, tells us her store still enjoys the busy weekend. "Even though it's really, really busy, we still have a lot of fun. We are going to give everybody the most attention that we possibly can, so we just encourage people to come on out. Don't be scared of it, because they'll have fun at The Liberty Shop."

The Liberty Shop opens at 9:30 and JCPenny's opens at 9 on Friday and Saturday mornings and close at 7 and 9:30pm respectively.