MPD Releases Surveillance Images of Robbery Suspect

Meridian, Miss. An early morning armed robbery has left a Meridian store owner injured. It happened about 7:30 a.m. Wednesday at Chimney's Tobacco Store at 5300 5th Street.

The Meridian Police Department released images from a store surveillance camera that show the suspect, one in which he was wearing a black hoodie and red t-shirt and the others from a previous visit to the store.

The suspect fled in a white and silver Chevrolet. Anyone who has information about the suspect is asked to call Crimestoppers at 601-485-1860.

"This is the fourth time that we've been robbed," says Susan Murshid.

She and her husband, 33-year-old Abdul Murshid, opened Chimney's Tobacco Store almost a year and a half ago. According to Mrs. Murshid, most of the robberies have happened within recent weeks.

'This is the third time in two weeks.'

As in the past, Murshid says on this day, the same thing was stolen.

'They got money, as usual.'

Murshid says she first learned about the robbery from her husband.

"He called me and told me that he had been robbed, and I'm assuming that they pushed the air conditioner in again you know, and I get over here and they won't let me in; he's all beat up."

According to Murshid, a lot of the crime problems within that 5th Street and 53rd Avenue area are being caused by people who are not from that community.

"Right now we're not having problems with the kids over here, it's outsiders coming in, but they're not going to run me off! I mean, I'm here. I'm here to stay you know. I do what I can you know."

As of Wednesday morning investigators with the Meridian Police Department had not released an official description of the suspect.