Storm Cleanup Continues

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That's how Le'Ann Boyles described the moment the tornado came over her house in Scott County early Thursday morning. The family is ok, but the tornado did significant damage to their property.

"The barn, a tree fell on my daddy's truck, and the camper rolled."

The tornado peaked in intensity along Jim Owens Road in Lake with winds estimated to be 140 mph. It destroyed a barn, snapped trees, and toppled transmission towers.

Friends and family were out in full force today picking up the pieces and salvaging what they could. The Boyles were disassembling what was left of their barn so they could pull their John Deere tractor out. Friends helped by bringing tools, generators, and even a tractor.

"Cleaning up the barn so we can get stuff out of it. Tractors, tools, and stuff like that."

Power crews were right down the road from the Boyles trying to restore power by replacing large transmission towers that were blown over by the tornado.

The cleanup effort will likely take weeks as crews and residents continue to pick up the pieces left behind.