Tornado Strikes Newton County

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The National Weather Service has confirmed an EF3 tornado hit Newton County overnight.

"It got tough here last night about 1:00," said resident Dwight Jacobs.

"Just in a few minutes, it hit," said resident Johnny Adams.

Residents woke up Thursday to downed trees and power lines and damage to their homes. They say power went out about 1 a.m. and then the storm was already on top of them.

"It did a lot of tree damage and there's a lot of people up the road up here that's got, their roofs are gone, and damage to their homes, and their trailers," said Adams. "I'm just glad it didn't take us."

"I heard it coming so I got up, and it was like real loud and noisy," said resident Kenneth Phillips. "I mean wind blowing, I mean it, I reckon you ever live next to a train track it probably about what it sounded like. it was really it was really kinda spooky."

"I heard it coming, but there was nothing I could do but hide," Jacobs said. "But when that glass started breaking, I got in the middle of the house."

"A lot of other people got a lot worse than what we did, I think, on down this away," said Phillips.

The EF3 tornado brought winds of about 140 miles per hour and tore a half-mile wide path.