Storms Rip through East Mississippi

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Neshoba County and Newton County, Miss. A strong line of storms caused significant damage in Neshoba County and Union early Monday morning.

The storms cut a swath across the southern half of the county, from Sebastopol, all the way through Union, knocking down trees and power lines and damaging several businesses. The cleanup efforts began after sunrise.

The sound of chainsaws could be heard as people worked to get trees out of roads, off power lines, and in some cases, off buildings.

Among them was Mecie McKee and her family. Two trees fell on the back side of their home off Highway 21 near Sebastopol during some tense moments about 4:30 a.m.

"I heard a lot of noise, and it just felt like the house shook," said McKee. "And that's when I jumped up, and I heard a lot of noise coming through."

There were trees down across the southern border of the county, along with power lines, but there are also a lot of people who feel fortunate things were not worse.

Levell Cager said he feels that way, even though he has trees down all over his property.

"That tree, the root's standing up. If the wind would have been coming from this way, it would have been on top of this house," said Cager. "And there's another tree that blew that way and one there blown that way. And if it had blown this way, this here, what you see now wouldn't be here."

In Union, numerous trees are down at the town's country club and its industrial park. The old airplane hangar was destroyed and there was roof damage at the Allied Lock Plant.

Emergency crews spent the day working to get things cleaned up, as the specter of more bad weather hung over their heads.

"We're going to try to make as much progress as we can before any more rain or anything like that sets in," said Neshoba County emergency management director, Jeff Mayo.

Power crews from Central Electric Power spent the day restoring electricity, but officials did not know how long the process would take.