Structural Issues at MPD Building

Meridian, Miss. Legal action could be sought to address leaks at the Meridian Police Department.

Officers moved into the renovated facility in May 2013. According to Meridian's chief administrative officer, the new police department had leak problems when it opened.

Newscenter 11 shot video at the MPD Monday after a brief rain shower.

With buckets in halls and furniture covered and mold found in restrooms next to the workout area, city officials say the leak problem at the building can no longer be ignored.

Meridian's chief administrative officer, Mike McGrevey, describes the problem as very serious. He says it actually existed when officers moved into the building in May 2013.

In light of the ongoing problem, McGrevey contacted the developer for the project, David Watkins, early Tuesday. During that conversation McGrevey says Watkins reaffirmed his commitment to replacing the building's roof.

"What he explained today is that he's in the paperwork processing stage of working with insurance companies and financing," said McGrevey. "We want the roof repaired; it has been too long."

More than a month ago, McGrevey says he met with Watkins to discuss the problem. With physical work yet to start, McGrevey the city is now investigating all of its legal options.

"Everything that has been damaged from the leak, we will seek restitution from Mr. Watkins," said McGrevey.

At this time McGrevey says that there are no plans to move any personnel out of the building. However, he stresses that the city is committed to resolving this problem as soon as possible.