Student Teachers Get Ready for the Classroom

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Meridian, Miss Starting Wednesday, this group of students will transition to the role of teacher at one of several local schools. Monday marked the first day of a two day orientation for MSU-Meridian's student teacher interns to give them some final instruction before sending them off for the next 16 weeks. University Supervisor of Student Interns, Sherry Morgan, says it's very important to give them these instructions.

"We give them directions on what we expect of them as a student teacher, how they are to go about doing lesson plans, and getting kids ready."

One of the student interns, Emory Barksdale, is very excited to finally get into the classroom in a teaching capacity after spending almost the last 4 years between Jones County Junior College and MSU Meridian learning about education. She believes what she's learned over the past few years will help her in her last semester.

"I've done tons of lesson plans, so I can always go back and look at the lesson plans for different grades for middle and elementary, and I've learned a little about classroom management, but I think we'll learn a lot about that this semester."

Barksdale has always wanted to be an elementary school teacher since the second grade because she always looked up to her grandmother, who was a teacher in Quitman, and this semesters he's headed to a 5th grade class there.

"They look at me as one of them because I'm so short, so little, so sweet, so the thing that's going to be most different is having them take me seriously. I thought it was going to be easy going in and just being the teacher, but it's not."

The Student Teacher Interns will student-teach in Meridian, and Lauderdale, Clarke, Newton, Leake, Rankin, Jones, and Scott Counties before graduating in December.