Students Celebrate Meridian's 153rd Birthday

Meridian's 153rd birthday was celebrated in style at Poplar Springs Elementary School.

Third grade students presented what they have learned in a social studies unit about 'Our Hometown Meridian'.

They used dance and music to tell the story. Plus, they shared facts about the city, its Choctaw roots and famous sons and daughters. The study began with a tour of downtown Meridian last fall.

"They've learned about the Key Brothers. They've learned about how our town was founded, how it was named," said lead teacher, Clair Huff. "They've learned about the railroad. They've learned about the Civil War and the devastation that took place. They have learned about the history of our community, but I also believe they have learned about the many things that we have to appreciate in our community."

City founders John Ball and Lewis Ragsdale battled over the naming, but the city of Meridian was incorporated Feb. 10, 1860.