Students Create Teaching Memorial

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Meridian, Miss. Some Meridian elementary school students have combined their artistic talents with math measurements to create an attractive, welcoming school entrance.

City leaders joined Art Quest students at Poplar Springs Elementary to dedicate the Carrol Wicker Measurement Garden Tuesday. Dr. Wicker was a Poplar Springs grandparent who made significant math and science contributions to the school. She passed away last year.

Principal Lavonda Germany says the students wanted to honor her memory, as well as give back to their school.

"This is that real world application. This gives the students the opportunity to reach beyond themselves to do something that will forever be a part of Poplar Springs Elementary," said Germany. "And hopefully these children will be able to bring their children back and say, 'you know, when I was a student here, this is what we did, and we gave back to the community, and to our teachers, and to the students here at Poplar Springs. "

Teacher Nancy Ray received grants from the Meridian Junior Auxiliary and Lowe's to help make the garden a reality.