Students, FCA Make Bibles Available

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Jonathan Poe of West Lauderdale and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes made Bibles available to students at Southeast High School Friday.

"Actually it started with God. It goes back to about two or three years ago. God laid it on my heart to put a Bible in the hands of every student in our school," said Poe. "It was a little bit crazy at first to think about raising $5,000 for that."

Now thousands of students are being reached.

"It started with West Lauderdale and has spread to Clarkdale and then today, Southeast," said Poe. "And we hope to get Northeast and Meridian High and the private schools as well."

Brandon Dewease, the District 5 director for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, says his organization has been able to help many people.

"We took prayer out in the 60s," said Dewease. "I believe sports is not going anywhere. We may as well latch on to sports, and attach the message of the cross to that avenue. I see students lives that are changed on a regular basis."

Poe says it didn't take long for the message to spread throughout the community.

"It was within a month, we had the money provided for us," Poe said. "And then it pushed on to each school, and of course, with God's help it was able to get done."

Other teenagers are now helping to get the Bibles in their fellow students' hands.

"He needed somebody to take over Southeast, so me and my friend, Mason, we felt that God had led us to do it," said Noah Johnson, Southeast High student. "And many lives will be changed today because we gave each other Bibles."

The District 5 Fellowship of Christian Athletes covers five counties and 25 different schools and a pair of junior colleges.