Students Get Motivated

Some students at Northwest Middle School faced a challenge for the last grading period of the year.

If they improved their scores on the common assessment practice test by 20%, they would get to do 'The Harlem Shake' on stage in the auditorium.

And it seems to have been a good motivator, especially after spring fever kicked in.

Eighth grade science teacher, Angela Hoover, says the school tries unique kinds of incentives to keep students interested.

"Over 95% of my students did increase their scores," said Hoover. "Fifty percent of my students did increase their scores by 20% or better. And even 35% of my students increased their scores over 30% or better. So we were really excited. The students really took this seriously."

Hoover says the actual science assessment test will be given May 1. She said she's confident the scores will reflect the improvement she has seen in the classroom.