Students Helping LOVE's Kitchen

Lauderdale County, Miss. Northeast Middle School students are participating in a contest to benefit LOVE's Kitchen.

The school has a canned food drive where the students compete to get sponsors to donate canned goods to LOVE's Kitchen.

It also involves a typing contest. Students type the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution and compete against each other to get the most correct words per minute.

"We know there is a big need there," said technology teacher, Mary Pierce. "They provide not only for the homeless people, but for the working poor who are just on hard times. But there's a choice. Do I pay my light bill or do I eat? And we don't want them to have to make that choice."

The typing contest has the added benefit of sharpening students' typing skills and their familiarity with the Preamble.

The final competition will take place Friday, Dec. 6, so there is still time to donate canned goods to students to help the cause.