Students Host Community Leaders Reception

Poplar Springs Elementary School showcased art work done by Explore and Art Quest students Wednesday.

The annual community leaders reception lets the community and parents see what children are learning in school.

Fifth grade students participate in job shadowing as part of of their Explore class. Those community leaders are invited back to see the books students write about their experiences.

"The students love it because they're getting to show what they've worked hard on. We have a scope and sequence that we have to follow. We don't have textbooks. We have to write our own curriculum," said Patti Edwards, gifted teacher. "And following our scope and sequence we come up with the creative lesson plans, artists, music, anything with the arts, and then to help them with their critical thinking skills."

Our own Brian Hutton, Jr., participated in the job shadowing program. John Landon Young spent time with him here at WTOK.