Students Learn about Careers

These students have nine more years before they graduate from high school, but faculty at Crestwood Elementary are having them think about what they want to do for the rest of their lives. The focus on this career day was on the jobs that are available within the City of Meridian.

Dana Ball, lead teacher at Crestwood, says, "The students are trying to explore their careers and opportunities that are available to them. So, we just want to let them know that there's great opportunities here with us."

One of the largest groups of professionals were those from the Meridian Police Department. Ball tells us this was done so that students gain a better understanding and respect for police officers.

"A lot of our students are afraid of or have a lack of respect for the police department and its agencies, so we're trying to debunk the myth about the police department and their agencies, and just give them the opportunity to see that there are great opportunities available here in Meridian," Ball explains.

Many of the professionals on hand also took the time to remind students of important safety tips that may save their lives.

Captain Eric Hardy of the Meridian Fire Department says, "We feel like the younger they are and the quicker we get them educated, they see us every year so it's just kind of like a reminder every year. Once they see us, they go home and start telling their parents that, 'We saw the firemen; we saw the police at career day.'"

The Executive and Judicial branches of the city were represented. This was the first career day held at Crestwood in the past four years. Ball tells us she hopes to expand on this one and offer a much larger one for next year.