Students Raise Money to Help Boy with Terminal Cancer

Ryan Kitchens is a seven-year-old from Athens, Ala., who has two brain cancer tumors. Doctors have given Ryan only two more months to live. Cheyanne and Brittany Knotts have been personally impacted by brain cancer, so they want to help by raising money to help for pay for the funeral Ryan has already planned for himself.

Cheyanne Knotts, who is a freshman and organized the fundraiser, says, "Because when I was younger, my Paw Paw died from brain cancer."

Brittany Knotts, who is a sophomore and is helping her sister, tells us, "I guess it's because of my grandpa, and to help my sister, and he's a close friend of the family's."

Not only are the girls selling bracelets for Ryan, but they're also taking donations for Christmas and birthday gifts as doctor's don't think Ryan will be able to make it to Christmas. His family is going to celebrate the holiday early. They're asking those who would like to donate anything for Ryan's birthday or Christmas, to do so by Friday, October 19.

"I know that he likes Alabama and that he likes a lot of Angry Birds, and he loves the X-Box 360, so any games like that.," Brittany Knotts describes.

The girls have seen overwhelming support from their classmates.

Brittany Knotts recounts a story of teachers wanting to step up and help.

"I've asked a lot of people to buy bracelets, and if they didn't want to buy bracelets, they've donated money," she said. "I've known one teacher; I went to her about buying a bracelet, and she ended up crying and giving me a hug and asked if she could help sell them, so they've been a lot supportive."

If you would like to buy a bracelet or donate a gift, you may call 601-678-8883 or visit the "Prayers for Ryan" Facebook page. A link to the page is attached to this story. The bracelets are being sold for $6.00.