Sumter Co. Students Honored

More than 200 students from Sumter Central High School were honored Thursday. In all, 250 students at the school were recognized for their high achievements for last nine weeks. This is part of an effort to motivate students to strive for excellence throughout the school year. According to principal and teachers, the strategy is working.

"It's been a tremendous success," says SCHS Principal Eric Hines. "We've seen our numbers rise by at least over 30 to 40 students who've been placed on the honor roll.'

"We don't have to push them so hard, once we reward them, and they know that those rewards are coming, they work hard to get them,"says SCHS Math teacher Audrey Speight.

As part of the ceremony students were recognized for their good grades, attendance, and behavior during last nine weeks. Sumter Central hosted its first honors convocation of this nature at the end of the first nine weeks last November.