Sumter County Kicks Off Yellow Dot Program

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Several citizens showed up at the Sumter County Rescue Squad building in York on Tuesday to enroll in the new Yellow Dot Program that could save their life in the event of a serious car accident. Sumter County Sheriff Tyrone Clark says that by having a yellow dot on your car and an information packet in your glove compartment, first responders will be able to help you faster.

"Some accidents you can walk away from, and others you can't, so in the event that you can't walk away and you can't speak for yourself, the Yellow Dot Program is set up and designed to aid and assist during the golden hours."

Several first responders were signing up for the program Tuesday morning just in case they're ever on the other end of an emergency. They also encourage everyone to sign up so they can help them quicker in an accident. Paul Deloach and Elmer Stallings, both first responders in Sumter County, believe this program will save lives.

"We do think this is worth while because it will give us quicker response times."

"We'll come up on an accident and the person might be incapacitated and can't speak, and then with this yellow dot, we know to look in the glove compartment to find the information to contact the next of kin and know who their doctor is."

Sumter County is the 53rd county in Alabama to participate in the program and Sheriff Clark says that it furthers his goal of helping all of his citizens.

"I just think that the Yellow Dot Program is a unique program and I applaud it. It's a win/win situation for the citizens here in the county to help us, the emergency responders, to aid them in a crisis manner."

You can sign up for the Yellow Dot Program at the Sumter County Sheriff's Department in Livingston, or at one of several registration drives that will be announced at a later date.