Sumter County Set to Launch Yellow Dot

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The Yellow Dot program will be something new for drivers in Sumter County in just a couple of weeks.

The program is one that Sumter County authorities say they are very excited about. Sheriff Tyrone Clark tells Newscenter 11 it is a program that will provide a faster response time in the event of a crisis.

"You know, anytime you are in an accident, sometimes you can walk away and sometimes you can't," Sheriff Tyrone Clark says. "So, in the event you can't, that's when the Yellow Dot program kicks in."

Clark says it will provide first responders with information on the individual involved in the crash, including their name, telephone number, and next of kin, as well as any medications or allergies the person may have. First responders have been taking part in several meetings to prepare for the launch next month.

The sheriff says when drivers come to his office next month to register, they should be prepared to take a photo ID. However, social security numbers will not be required for security reasons. Clark wants everyone to get on board.

Registration begins April 2nd. You can call the Sumter County Sheriff's Department at 205-652-7984.