Sumter County Looking for Tin Thieves

Investigators are running into an unusual problem in Sumter County. People are stealing tin off abandoned homes.

Sumter County officials say they began getting calls about that happening in the Bellamy community last week.

Since that time, they've been able to recover some of the tin that was stolen, but they are still looking for suspects in the case.

Sheriff Tyrone Clark said the tin was located after officials received an anonymous tip.

"We have several leads, and we're going to follow each one of them up, as I always do when I get a tip on the anonymous tip line," said Sheriff Clark. "We follow it up, whether it leads anywhere or not. So the one we got now led to the confiscation of the tin; we just need to find the person who put it there."

If you have any information in this case, you may call that anonymous tip line at 205-652-7984.