Sunday 1/5 Forecast Discussion

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The Arctic cold front has moved through and temperatures plunged soon after. Some locations saw drops of 10-20 degrees within an hour of frontal passage. Temps will continue to drop all night to a low around 20. Adding in a very brisk wind blowing 15-20 mph and gusting even higher than that and we will be looking at wind chills in the single digits.

Tomorrow, we will start off in the 20's and our highs and we will remain in the 20's all day long. Tuesday might as well be a carbon copy of Monday, but with one big exception. Tuesday morning, we will be looking at temps approaching single digits in some locations. The record low for Tuesday is 15 degree's. That record was set in 1970, and if the forecast verifies. We could beat that record by 3 to 5 degrees.

With such cold air expected, now is the time to make preparations. Make sure your heating units are working properly. Make sure all space heaters have at least three feet of space around them on all sides. Also, make sure all outdoor animals will stay warm through the night and have non-frozen water. Make sure to also check on the very young and elderly as they are most susceptible to cold weather.

For the rest of the week, we see rain return Thursday, and showers will be off and on through the weekend. We are expected to warm up into the 60's by the end of the week.