Super Loads Making Slow Progress

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Huge loads being transported to the lignite coal plant in Kemper County are very slowly moving in the right direction.

They have made it to Shuqualak and crews are preparing to start again Sunday evening to make the next leg of the journey to DeKalb.

Townspeople say they are excited to see the super loads come through their part of their communities.

"It's the biggest thing I have ever seen pull up down the highway and it's history being made," said Gene Moore of Shuqualak. "And I don't know how many tons that thing weighs but it's absolutely amazing."

"It's something different for everybody to see and it's very amazing, because we never saw a big load like this come through," said Fran Buie of Scooba.

Moving the loads requires many people to get them safely from Point A to point B.

DeKalb Mayor Homer Hall says the city will be doing what it can to help.

"We are going to be assisting with, helping them to place it," said Hall. "I think it's going to have to spend some time strategically placed within the city limits. We are working with Mississippi Power, Burkhalter and other agencies to help them to locate it within the city limits."

Hall says the loads will stage on Philadelphia Road by the Vo-Tech Center, right off Highway 16.

The loads will be arriving in DeKalb the first part of next week.