Superman and Aide Reunited

Quitman, Miss. Kendel Allen, nicknamed Superman by friends and family, had the same school aide for the past eight years. She helps him through his school activities, carries him, even helps him eat. His family was devastated when they learned the Quitman School District had decided to switch Lisa McGill for a different aide on his first day at Quitman Junior High. His mother fought that decision.

"It's been a long time," said Kendel's mother Danielle Allen. "I had to get his advocates, I had to go to Jackson, I had to round up lawyers, and it's been a long fight. I'm praying that the fight's over."

She says she knew her son needed McGill for health reasons. His neurologist and other doctors confirmed that with a letter to the school. Allen learned this week that after a long battle, the school district had reversed its decision, and her son was finally to be reunited with McGill once more.

"When I told Kendel he was going to see Lisa today, and it was finally today, he started yelling and screaming 'The girl! The girl! The girl!'" Allen said.

His mom says Kendel thinks of his aide as a second mother. Months of work culminated with one long embrace when Superman finally saw McGill again. He kept yelling 'I'm your baby' as they held each other tight.

"It's all my son ever wanted, and when I saw him when we pulled up and he saw her, and the joy that he showed, there is a God," Allen said. "Everybody has to know that."

The school's superintendent had no comment on the issue, but says she is glad the boy has returned to school. Allen says thank you to all her supporters, and asks for continued prayer for her son.