Supervisors Approve Administrator, Rescind Gun Ordinance

Lauderdale County, Miss. Lauderdale County supervisors met in special session Monday.

Among the items on the agenda was approval of a new county administrator, certified public accountant, David Engel, from Madison County.

Board president, Josh Todd, says the new administrator is already familiar with the county's financial affairs.

"He's actually done our independent audit for the past two to three years," said Todd. "So, he's well acquainted with the Lauderdale County standings and how we work, and our finances."

"I've wanted this opportunity for a long time," said Engel. "I feel I am due for it, and I am looking forward to working with the citizens of Lauderdale County."

According to Todd, Lauderdale County's financial standing is good. He said the county is operating in the black at 42% of its bonding capacity.

The salary for the new county administrator will be $90,000.

Supervisors also approved Greer Goldman to be the county's new road manager and Greg Collins as the new central garage superintendent.

In a separate matter, board's attorney recommended that supervisors vote to rescind a previous measure they had passed, which prohibited individuals from taking firearms into the county annex building.

According to board's legal counsel, this action was needed to avoid possible lawsuits.

"Well, it's a law, and we have to abide by the law," said District 2 Supervisor Wayman Newell. "But in my opinion I don't think it's a good law myself. I mean, if somebody gets upset enough to draw a gun, or go get a gun, hopefully, if you don't have it on you by the time you get home, you would have calmed down enough that you wouldn't want to use it. But if you've got it on your side, it's right there. I just think that it's a bad law."

Mississippi's open carry law took effect in July 2013.

***Editor's note: Due to a misunderstanding between the writer of the story and the editor, a comment above was initially and erroneously attributed to the board attorney. The correction has been made and we apologize for the error.