Supervisors Implement Voting Changes

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Lauderdale County, Miss. The Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors has announced that it is changing the location of some voting precincts within the county, all to make things easier on voters.

District One Supervisor Hank Florey says the changes are taking place because officials have found places with more room to vote and more space to park. One example involves moving a precinct from Trinity Lutheran Church to the Meridian Little Theater. Another has voters moving from the Lauderdale County Courthouse to the Lauderdale County Annex building. Florey says all precinct changes will make the voting experience better for everyone.

"It'll be a good thing for the voters," Florey feels. "And we certainly want to make them comfortable and try to hopefully try to bring more people out to vote."

Florey says the supervisors are confident these changes will alleviate congestion at all of the precincts. Florey tells Newscenter 11 the changes will take effect during the next state election.