Supporters Touting Education Funding Initiative

Supporters of the Better Schools, Better Jobs (Initiative 42) have been circulating a petition this week at the Neshoba County Fair. The same will be done Saturday during Earth's Bounty in downtown Meridian.

The goal of the initiative is to commit a portion of each year's new economic growth to fund public schools.

The Mississippi Adequate Education Program was put into law in 1997 to determine how much funding each school district receives.

But Becky Glover of Parents for Public Schools has only been funded two times in the past 17 years.

"When you're that underfunded for the bare necessities it takes to have a school, it makes the task of educating children well in Mississippi an even greater challenge," Glover said.

Glover says Meridian Public School District has lost over $17 million and Lauderdale County has lost over $21 million of promised state funding.

Signing the petition does not mean you're voting for or against the measure, only to get it on the ballot.