Suspect Pleads Guilty to Part in EMEPA Worker's Murder

Two years after a brutal murder in Clarke county, one woman is pleading guilty to accessory after the fact. Tuesday morning, Joe Ann Davis entered a blind plea of guilty in Clarke County Circuit Court. Her husband Keith Davis was convicted for murder. Authorities say he beat, strangled and shot Nathan Baker, an EMEPA worker who came to cut off the power to his home.

"Mr. Baker was working for East Mississippi Electric Power Association," Clarke County Sheriff Todd Kemp explains. "He went there to disconnect the power. He was confronted by Keith Allen Davis and was killed by Keith Allen Davis. We believe the wife played a part in that.'

Sheriff Kemp says there were several children in the home, and Davis said one of his children was on a breathing treatment for health problems - his explanation for his violent actions.

"That was his excuse for not wanting the power to be turned off," he says. "It's a tragic end to a good man's life."

Sheriff Kemp says Davis's wife and son then helped him dispose of the body in the family's truck. Sheriff Kemp says he hopes this will provide some relief for the victim's family.

"Mr. Keith Allen Davis is doing life in the penitentiary," Sheriff Kemp says. "Now she's going to have to determine her fate for a senseless crime that shouldn't have been committed to start with. So hopefully, this is some closure for the family."

Joe Ann's sentencing date is scheduled for Sept. 10.