Suspects Charged in Tuesday Shooting

Meridian police have charged a pair of suspects in the shooting death of TeRandy Hampton, 37. His body was discovered at a house on Grand Avenue Tuesday around 9:30 a.m.

Detectives took a suspect into custody shortly after the shooting. Hours later, members of the DART team located a second suspect.

22-year-old Jacolby Newell and 18-year-old Torvoria McGlothin, both of Meridian, have been charged with capital murder and armed robbery.

Bond for each was set at $500,000 on the armed robbery count. There is no bond set for the capital murder charges.

Police say a key factor in solving the case quickly was eyewitnesses who immediately called 911. Officials say they and the victim's family are grateful for citizens being "nosy" and taking action.

Jacolby Newell
Torvoria McGlothin