Suspect's Charges Upgraded to Murder

Lauderdale County, Miss. Investigators previously believed Carl Wesley Bell was only an accessory to a Bailey double murder. But Sheriff Sollie says an increasing number of individuals who live in the community have come forward with new information. As more details in the case have emerged, Sheriff Sollie says they were able to upgrade Bell's charges to two murder charges.

"We had a number of citizens come in with small bits of information," Sheriff Sollie said. "The reason why we wanted to inform the public that we have who we believe is the murderer in custody is to relieve them, so they would not believe that we had a murderer in our area. "

As the details on this case grow, investigators understand that this murder involved a drug deal between the parties.

"Based on our information we have today, there was a dispute over a drug debt, an argument ensued and two lives were taken," Sheriff Sollie explained.

Investigators believe the weapon used to kill the individuals was a nine millimeter gun. The sheriff says they are not currently looking for anyone else in the case.

"We do not have any other suspects," Sheriff Sollie said. "The female that was charged with accessory after the fact is going to continue to be charged, but the only upgrade is the murder charges from the accessory after the fact."

Connie McAllister will retain her original "accessory after the fact charges. Sheriff Sollie says input from individuals in the community was crucial in Bell's murder charges.

"Having community support, having the community confidence to come forward with information is critical in solving crimes such as this. I encourage the public to continue to do so, and I applaud those who have come forward so far," Sheriff Sollie said.