Symphony Fun Fest is Big Success With Kids

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Hands on learning is the name of the game at symphony fun fest. Over 160 kids had the opportunity to to learn all about the various instruments and how they are played. From the string to the woodwinds, all the bases are covered.

Susie Johnson, the Executive Director of the Meridian Symphony Association says "We have experts in each of those areas who spend about 30 minutes teaching, demonstrating, talking about, and actually giving the children a lot of time with hands on, which is the fun part for the kids."

The doesn't stop at just learning, the kids get to make their own instrument and play along with the world fiddle ensemble, something they will always be able to take with them.

Lindsey Lewis, an intern with the Riley Foundation says "At the end we are going to have a concert for the parents, and the kids are actually going to make hose horns. It's with a funnel and a little hose and a mouth piece and they are going to be playing it like a horn. They will be playing for there parents a little piece they learn."

Programs like this are designed to show kids a world they might not other get a chance to see and explore, and lets the kids know the variety of music available to them.

Johnson says "Enriching their lives with music, a variety of types of music, they see the possibilities for themselves."

Programs like this one are an opportunity to learn and explore. A chance for kids to see that there is a world of possibilities even at a young age.

Johnson went on to say "We have had many children come through programs like this who watch the teaching artist and we try to get young people to do the teaching, and they kids say 'you did this when you were seven years old? Well I could do this too.' we want them to know that the doors are open for them."