"Taking Back Meridian" Continues Fight Against Crime

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Meridian, Miss. Queen City residents are taking extra measures to make sure their message is heard loud and clear.

The group of Meridian residents is not backing down on its efforts to take the city back. The group gathered on the steps of city hall for the second Saturday in a row to take a stand against the many crimes that have taken place in the Queen City.

"My mother, I'm scared to death to take her out of her Aldersgate," Tina Patterson of "Anonymously Yours" says. "You know, it's a joy for those elderly people to get out, but I can't do it. I can't protect her."

"In order to fight against it, we can't be afraid anymore," according to Sarah Mosby with "Freedom to Speak." "Meridian's been afraid for too long. They've been afraid to speak up, they've been afraid to step out, they're always worried about what everyone else is going to say, what everyone else is going to think."

Organizers say that's why it's time for the community to put its differences aside and to band together in order to address the issue of violence head-on. Those in attendance say they agree more of a focus should be placed on youth because the group says the problem starts at home.

"So that when they get to an age when they're doing the crime, you know we can deplete all of it and we can have our city back," Janet Moore from the "Step Up" dance group explains. "And we'll be able to walk up the streets and not have to worry about what someone is going to do to us."

While the group has been able to accomplish a lot these past two weekends, it's only the beginning. Many more meetings and many more participants are needed to accomplish the mission of lowering crime.

If you would like to purchase a "Taking Meridian Back" t-shirt, you can call 601-884-0787 or e-mail TakingBackMeridian@gmail.com. The shirts are $15 each.