Taylor Expects Further Improvements for MPSD

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Meridian, Miss. The superintendent for the Meridian Public School District says he expects the district's test scores to improve this year.

Dr. Alvin Taylor tells our John Johnson that when he started as superintendent three years ago, 70 percent of the school's in the district were failing and the district as a whole was failing. While the district is no longer a failing district, he says there is always room for improvement.

"And my story hasn't changed any from three years ago," Dr. Taylor maintains. "My boss, bosses, the Board of Trustees, have given me a blueprint and they give us four goals. And it's my job to make sure those are carried out throughout the district. And the first one, the first goal is to maintain safe and orderly schools. And the second goal is to improve student achievement."

Dr. Taylor says he feels that based on the district's progress this year, it is accomplishing those goals.