Teacher, Students Thanked by National Guard

A first grade class at Enterprise Elementary School received a very special thank you Monday from the Mississippi Army National Guard.

Three weeks ago, Megan Shumate's students came up with the idea to send a care package to deployed soldiers and Afghan children.

The National Guard was so touched by their actions, Adjutant General Augustus Leon Collins sent personalized cards to each student in the classroom, along with a plaque to honor their teacher.

"I wanted them to learn that Christmas is not just about getting gifts," said Shumate. "It's also about giving gifts. And even the smallest child may feel like they don't have anything to give, but like I told them, just the thought and effort that went into the Christmas ornaments that they made for them, the Christmas cards they made for them meant something to those soldiers."

The students created Christmas cards and ornaments, and they even saved up their snacks to send over in the care packages. The soldiers should receive the gifts later this week.