The Community Will Walk to Stop the Violence

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Meridian, Miss. The Radio People are holding a walk Saturday to stop the violence. Violent crimes in Meridian are hitting a peak and the community has had enough. At 10 a.m. community members will lineup for a walk from Singing Brakeman Park to city hall where a rally will be held to bring attention to something that has become a major concern.

Scott Stevens of The Radio People says, "We're going to walk starting at 10:30 and make our way down to city hall where there are going to be speakers spreading the word of just a positive message, volunteerism, things parents can do, things that our kids can do to help out other kids and just try to come together as a community to spread the word to stop the violence."

This isn't the first community action that has taken place over the violence in Meridian. A Facebook group called Freedom to Speak had its own rally just a couple weeks ago and is pleased to see more members of the community standing up.

Sarah Mosby, one of the founding members of the group says, “The Freedom to Speak group fully supports every effort that's going on tomorrow. Violence is not our primary focus but is a very important focus of what our group is focusing on. And it's something that needs to be addressed in Meridian, because it has become a rising problem."

Crime no longer just a police issue and organizers say real change is needed.

Bryan Holladay, also with The Radio People, says, "Violence is a police issue. It is a sheriff department issue. But more importantly it is a community issue. As members of the community we need to come together to first, recognize the problem, then address the problem. And over time, how to fix the problem."