The Dangers of Freezing Weather

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Meridian, Miss. We've had a few fire fatalities over the past couple of weeks, and with the onset of cold weather, local Fire Marshal Jason Collier is concerned about more fire-related fatalities. Collier says we need to be careful when heating our homes, and make sure that we heat them properly.

"We want to remind everybody to use space heaters wisely," said Collier. "You should never use them in a way that was not intended to be used. They are supposed to be used temporarily, as in only for an hour or two, and are supposed to keep the space in which your body is sitting warm. Dont use them to heat your house or a room."

He continued, warning of the dangers of misplacing or forgetting about space heaters. "Make sure you keep a clearance around them, keep them in a safe place, keep at lease 3 feet of space around them from anything that will burn," instructed Collier. "Dont keep them in a place where they can fall or that something can fall onto them. Always be aware of where they are, and if you're not in the room with them, turn them off."

When the temperature drops we tend to only care about warming, but Collier warns of the dangers of negligence when it comes to heating your home.

"Fire occurrences and fire deaths and injuries almost double in the winter time due to heating, and due to carbon monoxide poisoning," said Collier,. "Now's the time to be on guard."