The Dangers of a Hot Car

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Meridian, Miss. With the kid’s home from school, that means more time spent with parents and more kids that are left in hot cars while their parents run errands. It is unfortunately something that happens too often, where you may be running a quick errand that will only take a few minutes but in only takes a few minutes for that car to turn into an oven.

Danny Ivy, an EMT with Metro says "I think everybody really needs to take a consideration, and not even getting in the habit of leaving your child or a pet in a vehicle even with the windows cracked no matter what time of the year. I think its a bad habit to leave them in the vehicle at all. I think the best thing you can do is get in a good habit of always having your child with you."

With the outside air temperature of 90 degrees, I climbed into the car, turned off the ignition and started the time. Within 5 minutes the temperature rose from a cool 75 to 88 degrees and it became difficult to. By the 10 minute mark it was even harder to breath and it even became labored at times. The temperature after just 10 minutes was 102 degrees

After only 20 minutes, the temperature was at 118 degrees, and I was experiencing heavy labored breathing, with sweat dripping off my brow. By the time 30 minutes was up, was almost delirious from the heat. My first few attempts to open the door were failed as I had forgotten I locked the door. Once out, even the 90 degree outside temperature felt amazing. Even with water and Gatorade waiting for me, it still took a good 2 hours before I felt normal again.

All I can say from this experience: Never under any circumstance should anyone ever leave a pet or child locked in a car on a hot day.