The Future of the Threefoot Building Continues to Look Up

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Meridian, Miss. The future of the Threefoot Building has long been on the minds of many residents. A building that once flourished in Downtown Meridian before becoming desolate, now has many beginning to applaud the building's future. From the moment the Threefoot Preservation Society was created, well over two thousand man hours have been contributed to clean up the building. Elliot Street of the Threefoot Preservation Society says the number of people that showed up at times is a testament to people's passion for the builidng.

"It makes a difference because we know when the people who came through that are looking to help develop the building, they did make notice and told Amos it's improving, you're really taking some nice care of doing what you're doing here," said Street.

In fact, the structure of the building and the beauty it once had, has one society member wanting to bring its former glory back.

"To me I'm for just bring the building back to what it was and what it can be and the beautiful architecture of the building itself," said society member Amos Jones. "The beauty when you walk in there and all the marble and construction of the thing is just solid as a rock."

It's this confidence in the construction of the building that has Street wanting to see an investment for private and commercial use.

"Try and do some kind of public private venture where you condolize it for public use as well as private development, for hotels, studio suites, for small upscale apartment condo situations where people could come," said Street

Whatever the future holds for the Threefoot Building, one can only attest to it's value to the City of Meridian.

"The Threefoot is Meridian, it truly is," said Jones. "As you once said to me, when it's gone it's gone, there is no more Threefoot Building."