Preservation Society Works at Threefoot Building

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Meridian, Miss. Members of the Threefoot Preservation Society gathered within the fenced off area around the Threefoot Building to work to continue to bring life back into one of Meridian's oldest buildings. Weeds that used to flourish around the building are now gone and in their place is a clean slate of asphalt and concrete. But that's not all that the volunteers who are helping to preserve the building did during one of their cleanup days.

"We have been cleaning up some of the outside, clearing up some of the weeds, sweeping and just general cleanup," said volunteer Lauri Hoyt. "We've worked on the inside; we've moved around some of the furniture that was in the lobby and we've made a master list of some of the things we'd like to accomplish within the next few months."

The plan is to continue to maintain the building and bring it to its former glory in hopes that a sale will soon be made, a sale that could reinvent the building's purpose.

"Multipurpose, maybe some apartments and businesses," Threefoot Preservation Society secretary Marilyn Hayes said. "You can even have some European style pensions here, but you know it could serve many purposes."

Until a sale happens, the preservation society can only move forward with its master plan, to continue to bring a sense of elegance and beauty back into the building.

"We have a lot of paint scraping to do; we have a lot of painting to do once we get through scraping," Hoyt said. "We would like to clean up some of the back rooms that have some junk in them that needs to be removed. So just a general good cleaning and painting basically."

As the society continues to work to preserve the building, they say the work doesn't go unnoticed from drivers passing through the downtown Meridian.

"They blow the horn when they see us out working, so that's positive," Hayes said.

The next cleanup day that the society will hold will be on Saturday, September 6.