Thousands Attend 48th Annual Meridianite Picnic

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Meridian, Miss. After several days of congregating and enjoying the fellowship of others, the National Council of Meridianites closes its 48th annual gathering in a one of a kind picnic. Thousands of family members and friends traveling from across the country took part in this picnic at Highland Park as a way to create memories that many hope to pass on to future generations.

"To see people gathering together as a family, everybody is fellowshipping together, they are getting along together, they are sharing food and just being nice to each other," said Meridianite Cora McNair. "It's just like peaceful. You know it's not rowdy, everybody is coming together with a lot of love and that's what i like."

A love that you could see as many gathered together to grill, or to just celebrate the coming together as Meridianites, something they all share and something that means the same to them.

"Man hey, you're born and bred here, born and bred right here in Meridian, Mississippi," said Meridianite Dallas Moss. "We went to school here, go to church here, this is where you're from, this is home.

Officials with the National Council of Meridianites say this year, the turn out has been phenomenal this year.

"A lot of people have been able to come into town and continue with the reconnection that we have," said National Council of Meridianites Co-Chair Otis Gowdy Jr. "It's been a lot of fun, the work has been truly amazing as far as people coming together."

It's this connection that brings thousands from across the country to the Queen City, where they experience class reunions, family reunions or just a time with family and friends.

"We're having our 39th class reunion on next year and we are just here meeting all of our classmates that came in from out of town and we are here having a blast," said Meridian High School Class of 1975 graduate Pamela Graham.

One couldn't enjoy the picnic without seeing the blast that many of the children in attendance were having.

Several of the children in attendance said they had a great time and enjoyed playing and dancing.