Thousands Flock to Annual Baseball Tournament

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Meridian, Miss. Longer days, warmer weather, and the smell of hamburgers in the air can only mean one thing in the South. Baseball season is upon us and QV Sykes Park is hosting a two day baseball tournament during Spring Break as a way to keep the guys entertained and to have fun. Coach
Brian Goodman of Puckett High School, says when he started the tournament, it was created as a way for the guys to be seen by scouts and other schools.

"The main thing is they get to be seen by college coaches and a lot of times college coaches want to come to one venue and see a lot of ball games as opposed to going to one high school and just seeing two teams," said Coach Goodman. "This way they can see 6 teams at one time with three games playing. In a course of a day we have 10 games playing this year."

Several fans of the sport as well parents of the guys who are playing baseball are among the many who are in attendance. One Choctaw High School parent not only came to see his sons play, but to enjoy the sport as any baseball enthusiast would.

"I love to watch little league kids," said Neal Kennedy. "High school kids do something constructive like playing sports," said father Neal Kennedy. "My boys play all three sports, basketball, baseball, and football, so I follow all high school games."

The tournament was started twelve years ago when he was at Lake High School and this is its third year it is being played at Q.V. Sykes Park.