Thousands Support the 31st Annual MSO Crawfish Boil

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Meridian, Miss. The floors of the Frank Cochran Center were crawling with people from all over who came to take part in the 31st Annual Crawfish Boil hosted by the Meridian Symphony League. The five hour event welcomed thousands of people, live music, and more than enough all you can eat crawfish.

"I've never been much of a crawfish eater up until about a year and a half to two years ago. You know the food is excellent, said first time attendee Glenn Howard."

Due to the high demands of crawfish last year, this year the Symphony League had to order an extra 1,500 pounds of crawfish.

"Last year we got 7000 pounds of crawfish and we ran out in the first two hours and so we upped our crawfish order this year to 8500," said Meridian Symphony League President Lauren Pratt. "So far we're good, I'm having somebody come and tell me every fifteen minutes how many pounds we're at."

The money raised from the event goes to support the Meridian Symphony Orchestra throughout the year and Howard says the city could use all the help it can get.

"I mean it's something to help Meridian out and Lord knows we need everything we can to help Meridian out," said Howard.

Whether indulging in pounds of crawfish, dancing to the band Second Chance, or just enjoying a time of socializing, there was plenty of fun to be had.