Threats Made Against Law Enforcement

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Local law enforcement officials say they take threats against law officers seriously and won't take any chances in protecting their own.

Lauderdale County Sheriff Billy Sollie and Meridian Police Chief James Reed acknowledge there has been a threat made to kill a local officer or deputy before the new year.

A police officer posted a Facebook status mentioning the threat Thursday.

It was attributed to gang members who claimed that was the intention at the Christmas night shooting that ended in the murder of a 21-year old man at a downtown nightclub.

Both law enforcement agencies say their officers are prepared:

"Hopefully when they are confronted with that shoot-don't shoot strategy, they make the right decision and are able to go home to their families," said Sollie.

"We're not going to stop because we got a threat," Reed said.

Reed adds that his police department has been especially aggressive recently and put more people behind bars. He said that in itself leads to more threats from criminals.