Three More Guilty Pleas in Tedeschi Case

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As of this week, a total of four people have been sentenced for their roles in the August 2011 shooting death of Thomas Tedeschi.

Three guilty pleas were accepted recently in Lauderdale County Circuit Court and the sentences were meted out Monday.

Tedeschi, of North Carolina, was in Meridian on a work assignment when he was robbed and murdered.

Officials say a visit to the Echo Lounge one night turned fatal. Tedeschi's body was found later off Highway 145.

District Attorney Bilbo Mitchell says the three defendants sentenced this week did not pull the trigger but participated in some way in the events leading up to and following the death of Tedeschi.

Alexander Jenkins received twenty years for the lesser charge of manslaughter, with five years suspended. Mitchell says Jenkins was involved in a drug sale that ended up in getting someone killed.

Marquez Gordon was not there when the murder happened, but allowed his vehicle to be used.
Gordon received 20 years, with 15 years suspended.

Latoya Tubbs received a five year suspended sentence for being an accessory after the fact. Mitchell says Tubbs helped clean up the car.

The shooter, Lamontaye Marsh, was sentenced to life in prison in November 2012. Mitchell says it's almost impossible for the 26-year-old Marsh to ever be paroled:

"There's some statute that says when a person gets to be 65 years of age, if they're in critical health condition, and if the sentencing court says they can be released, they can be released," said Mitchell. "But that's remote."

Mitchell says there is still one more defendant to be sentenced and that will happen soon.

Mitchell says Rakeith Watson was with the others the night of the murder and has pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Latoya Tubbs