Threefoot Building Cleanup Efforts

Meridian, Miss. Preparations are being made for phase two of a cleanup effort for one of Meridian's most historic buildings.

The Threefoot Preservation Society is partnering with the city of Meridian in the cleanup effort. On the volunteers first work day last Saturday, the entire outside ground level for the Threefoot Building was cleaned, along with most of the first floor.

"All of the sandbags have been removed," says Curt Goldacker, who is the Acting Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Meridian. "All of the grass has been cleaned up. So, it looks really nice on the outside. 75% of the inside has also been cleaned up and swept, and two Waste Pro dumpsters were completely filled."

Once work on the first floor is finished Goldacker says volunteers will start on the second floor.

"The second floor is actually in pretty good shape. There were all offices there. There have been recently some developers looking, (at the building) and they are just looking. We have no one ready to put in a lot of money to update the Threefoot Building."

Goldacker says cleaning the decades old building improves its curb appeal for potential developers. It needs new electric, heating, air and plumbing systems, and he estimates that renovations will cost about $40 million.

"There's still asbestos and lead paint in there. It was built in 1929; it is a very structurally sound building. It would cost more to tear that down than to improve it."

At last check a second cleanup date had not been set. The sixteen story building is owned by the city of Meridian. Three years ago it was added to the list of America's Most Endangered Historic Places.